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Cingarella dress in Silk metallic mix & Brocade couture fabric

Cingarella dress in Silk metallic mix & Brocade couture fabric

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Introducing the magnificent Cinderella Dress, a captivating ballgown crafted with exquisite attention to detail, combining the luxurious elegance of silk and the opulent charm of brocade. This enchanting creation is destined to make a lasting impression, perfect for special occasions and formal events.

The Cinderella Dress is a true masterpiece, boasting a floor-length silhouette that gracefully flows with every movement. The gown features a fitted bodice, accentuating the feminine curves, and a voluminous skirt that exudes a sense of grandeur and sophistication. Its design captures the essence of timeless beauty, making any wearer feel like a modern-day princess.

Adding a touch of extravagance, the bodice of the Cinderella Dress is adorned with intricate brocade detailing.

The Cinderella Dress boasts scoop neckline, enhancing the femininity and grace of the wearer's shoulders and décolletage. The bodice is expertly tailored to provide a flattering fit.

To complete the fairytale-like design, the Cinderella Dress features a voluminous skirt that billows and swirls as you move. The skirt cascades elegantly to the floor, providing an enchanting visual effect as you glide across the ballroom or dance floor.

Whether worn for a grand gala, a magical ball, or a glamorous soirée, the Cinderella Dress is bound to make you feel like the belle of the ball, leaving a lasting impression as you gracefully dance the night away 

This is our sample size 10 /12 UK 

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